5 Life Skills Motherhood Teaches That No Other Profession Can

Motherhood is a wonderful journey to embark upon! The majority of us want to be part of this journey. It just becomes a matter of when we decide to take the plunge.

It is an adventurous journey. Maybe not the kind that we have come to expect of the word ‘adventure’! It is so unpredictable and lively. One day is never the same as any other given day. Each day brings it own joy and challenges that we happily and voluntarily accept as mothers.

But one thing that we can predict for sure is the maternity leave phase of every mom!

It revolves around changing diapers, feeding, and cleaning baby’s mess for the most part. And it’s quite easy to get lost in the overwhelm of doing it all and be all. Especially if the pregnancy was not planned, or there were some complications during the pregnancy, or maybe it’s the postpartum depression.

There are so many tags that come along with motherhood that it’s easy to feel consumed doing the same thing, over and over again, and feel like we haven’t even moved an inch forward.

It feels alienated at times.  Anything that comes out of our mouth becomes baby related. Even the adult conversations, we tend to have, easily turn into baby talk. And all of it can make us think, do we actually know how to do anything else other than this. Work might seem a bit out of reach and we start to forget our accomplishments, and achievements that we were so proud and connected to prior to motherhood.

Today I am going to bring your attention to 5 skills that nobody can teach better than motherhood. I hope you feel empowered to know that while doing what you are doing just being a mommy, you are mastering some of the most valuable life skills.


Multitasking, MotherhoodYou would think you have learned all about multitasking by now. Think again!

Motherhood teaches us multitasking like no other profession ever can. And surprisingly you don’t even attend any classes to learn. It just comes so naturally. It’s all on the job training for most of us. The need of the hour makes us learn stuff that we never even thought about learning before becoming a mom.

Talk about making breakfast, to brushing your toddler’s teeth, to packing their lunch, to drop them off at school, and then getting yourself ready to get out of the door, all within a matter of minutes! What job has ever taught us to be that efficient?

Time Management

Motherhood, Time ManagementWhether you were morning or late night person before or not, it doesn’t matter! Being a mom, you have learned the art of waking up earlier than your kids and getting some serious shit done before they even wake up.

You have learned to squeeze every drop of juice out of your time slots so you can make use of every waking minute.

I remember when I commuted for work; I would have my ear plugs on. I would either listen to some personal development material to further myself or catch up on sleep! So when I get home, I could spend that little bit of leftover evening time with my little ones.

Amazing or what? Motherhood teaches all these things without us even realizing it!


Motherhood, LeadershipWant to apply for next level position but not sure if you have those leadership skills as a pre-requisite?

Don’t doubt yourself, momma! You became a leader the day you became a mom. From leading yourself for what food goes in your tummy when your baby was not even born yet to raising a little independent human being, you lead all the way.

You are an all rounder!

Even when you are drowning in overwhelm, you compose yourself well and show compassion for people around you. Those are the real qualities of a leader and you demonstrate them every single day without fail, whether anybody is watching or not.

Be proud of what you have accomplished and showcase these leadership skills of yours proudly in your job interviews. These are just not relatable skills but very practical as well.

Project Management

Motherhood, Project ManagementDon’t know now but as early as last year, when I decided to resign from my full-time job, project management was a thing!

And in project management world, they have special software’s and tools to manage, different kind of projects. Usually, it’s a separate department on its own to run all those projects. Just think about how many projects do we moms deal with at any given point of time? Do we use any software to manage it all?

From running the household to taking care of every tiny detail of our little ones, to becoming a chauffeur taking them from one activity to another, we do it all by ourselves with no special software. The most we use is a phone, to organize and put reminders in but nothing fancy.

Our brain manages to keep track of everything. Million different things run through our head and we tend to manage it all gracefully. No software required, hmm…how are you going to compete with that, robots?

An Entertainer

Motherhood, EntertainerI am sure by now you feel uplifted and proud of how many work and life skills you have mastered just by being yourself and doing your thing as a mom.

But wait! We didn’t even consider the most important of them all, being an entertainer to our little angels at all times. How many times as moms, we have encountered ‘meltdowns’ and ‘tantrums’ from our cuties? Did you even dare to count? How did you deal with those?

I don’t consider myself talented in this department but man I have done some pretty impressive stuff to entertain my kiddos while they are being let’s just say pain in the butt! I have dressed up like a clown making weird faces to make them laugh. I have experimented with different level of pitches with my voice to distract their attention from the source of meltdown. I have made up stories to teach them an important life lesson, and I am not even a professional writer or author.

If you know me then you would know that I am a pretty decent and sensible person but boy I have explored every level of creativity in me ever since I had kids and that’s a big achievement on its own!

So my fellow mommy friends, if you were able to tackle those meltdowns and came out with flying colors then you have the ability to tackle anything in the world.

When I say anything, I mean ANYTHING!

So embrace motherhood as tight as you can while you can. It won’t be like this forever! Your little bundle of joys would not be little forever. They are growing up way too fast than we want them to be. Enjoy being the weirdoes that they make out of you and thank them for bringing the best of you that nobody else can!

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