5 Things I Learned In My First 6 Months of Blogging

I can clearly remember my days of transitioning from a full time working mom to stay at home mom. It seemed like I was on a ‘thinking’ marathon. My mind was so adamant and just wanted to think 24/7 about how and what would/could I do while staying at home raising my kids.

In the process of exploring this whole digital entrepreneurship for me, I was presented with the idea of blogging as the most basic one. It made sense. It doesn’t take very much to start a blog. Content is your own. You could share whatever you want to share. Whether it is your expertise about something, or you just want to share your passion. There seemed to be endless possibilities.

So towards the end of 2016, I decided to dive into blogging and give it a try!

And the journey for me has been nothing less than spectacular. It has been very therapeutic to write about something that really speaks to me. It has invigorated my love for writing. I always felt I expressed better in writing so no wonder I am digging this whole blogging thing.

But it hasn’t been all that nice and easy. I have had my challenges and I have learned 5 main things in my blogging journey.

Blogging Is A Marathon Not A Sprint

Blogging is simple but not easy. Simple because the process of starting a blog may not sound like a daunting task but continue to blog after your initial excitement of starting a blog fizzles down is what takes effort. It takes consistency to build your brand, your readership, and getting people to know about your blog. It takes the time to build authority on the subject you have decided to blog about. That is only when people feel comfortable spending a dime of their hard earned money with you.

It’s nice to have an option of earning money from your blog but you have to earn that status for people, or sponsors to want to work with you. There are other ways to monetize a blog such as affiliate links etc but it takes the time to learn.

And if you are a working mom, you know how that learning goes. To learn a task and then implement it could take days. Coz most likely you have kids running around or you are limited to work while they are napping or before they wake up. So the struggle is real. But if you are in it for the long haul then it has great potential to work in your favor and give you the financial independence that might be seeking from it.

Blogging Requires Discipline

Discipline, Blogging, BlogSo you have taken your first step and actually started a blog. The fun game of blogging just started. You might even go on a writing spree for few days and feel like you can’t get enough of it. That was me when I started last year, in Christmas holidays. I was at my parent’s house locked in my room enjoying this whole blogging thing while my parents very lovingly looked after my kids. I think I wrote more than 10 blogs in about a week’s time! And by the way that’s the most productive, I got with blogging.

But what happens when you step into the real world with regular responsibilities. Stuff that needs to get done no matter what! And you start to fall of that blogging wagon. Few days pass by and you are not able to find time to write even one blog now. Your enthusiasm seems to take a back seat.

The hardest thing to do then is to get back on even when you don’t feel like it. To get in the groove again!

You would need to set realistic goals for yourself. Think quality and consistency rather than quantity and randomness. Can you write one blog per week consistently then start from there? Once you get the hang of it, you can always increase your frequency from there on.

Making money with a blog takes time. It requires more discipline to work for you than working for somebody else. Coz there is no rules and structure in place when you work for yourself. You have to impose that discipline yourself and deliver as promised coz if you don’t; nobody else is going to suffer but you.

Blogging IsTherapeutic

Therapeutic, Blogging, BlogThat is by far my #1 reason why I love blogging so much. It is the time for me when I get to feel free, my mind is at ease and I am putting my thoughts and feelings to work. It feels light after I have written for a couple of minutes. It is my way of relaxing.

I love to write first thing in the morning coz that’s when I am at my best. My mind is working at its finest, no distractions, just nice and quiet. I can even hear birds chirping and there’s nothing more peaceful than that as your music when you are writing.

Blogging is like both sides of a coin

And by that I mean it can be whatever you want it to be.

If you love to connect with people, share your journey, your thoughts, your expertise then it would give you that connection. But it also gives you alone time to think, to ponder, and reflect when you create your content for your readers.

I started blogging to feel a sense of connection with fellow moms and bloggers and the rest of the world while being totally present in my own world. But I equally love the time when I sit down and write with my soul.

So make blogging whatever you want to make of it. It gives you options.

Blogging is as much of learning and growing for you as it is for your readers

We all have something special to share with the world. Whatever that is, it takes time for us to reach that level for us to be comfortable sharing with other people. As you are blogging, you write about what you already know and passionate about but in the process, you learn so much.

For me, writing comes easy. I love it! But I had to go through and still do, a lot of technical stuff that I had no idea about or no interest in prior to this. I get frustrated at times. But recently I started having success in figuring my way out.

Yes, it still takes me a lot longer than I would prefer but I am getting closer to where I want to be every single time I try to do something myself and able to do it successfully. I give myself pat on the back and it gives me that much-needed confidence boost to keep going.

You provide value to readers but in the process, you become more valuable and knowledgeable yourself. It’s a win-win for both you and your readers.

I have learned so much in the last couple of months but these 5 things have been the big part of my journey. For now, I am craving to build strong relationships with my audience. Monetization will happen at the right time, I’m in no rush! So if you have been wanting to start your blog, today is your best day. Go ahead and start your journey. You will get what you need as you go along. Just trust and have fun with your journey!

I would love to hear from you in comments about your blogging journey, especially if you are a fellow loving mommy like myself:-)

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