Dear Working Mom

Being a mom is a sweet and sour blessing!

I definitely wouldn’t have known unless I had not been one myself, not just one time but multiply by 3, yep go figure!! And if you are wanting to become one, I cannot contain my excitement that you decided to come join us. You are about to get a sneak peak of some raw, and real moments of a mom’s life.

Add the word ‘working‘ in the mix, and this sweet mom game is elevated to a whole new level. Now it becomes a ride of the lifetime called ‘working mom roller coaster ride’!

So Dear Working Mom,

Life just decided to perform an ovation worthy, one BIG backflip on top of your head. So much so that your head just doesn’t stop spinning. And now this spinning state has become your new normal. Such big change that no matter how many books you have read, how many classes you attended, until you did it yourself, you had no idea what a roller coaster ride you had signed yourself up for!

working momHere in Canada, we get to enjoy these precious moments with our little ones for one whole year, maybe a little more than that who knows. It’s hard to step away from your bundle of joy, even after spending a few seconds with them, think about how it feels after a whole damn year! And as the dreaded time to go back to work approaches bit by bit, all you can think every waking moment is how the hell you are going to manage all this.

Or you don’t work for anybody else but yourself. That’s actually more of the reality these days. More and more moms are choosing to work from home and run both their home and finances at the same time. Then you don’t even get to take that one year off! As soon as your life becomes a little manageable after giving birth, give or take a few months, you get back to business!

Mommy Moments

You might have been a morning person all your life but now is the time when you actually start living for those quiet morning hours. Earlier, morning might mean meditation, yoga, or your me time but now, it’s all about putting a dent in your work before your precious one decides to wake up. And you know what that means, no matter how important or at what crucial point you were at your work, you give it all up in a millisecond and run to your little one.

If you have more than one kids, then somehow you even manage to make the switch in less than a millisecond coz you know how easy (pun intended) it would be to deal with not one but two crying angels at the same time. All while daddy dearest is snoring away in his La la land not having a clue what’s going on 2 inches away in his very own bedroom. Yep, that’s a daily dose of reality in my home, no kidding!

But you, dear working mom make that switch with so much grace. You make it look like a piece of cake! I bet you didn’t think, even for a second, about your Oscar-worthy multitasking skills. The thought about yourself doesn’t even cross your mind. Or maybe there was no time to think. You just jump right in coz that’s what makes sense right now and you adapt to changes in life so easily and selflessly.

Working MomYou know how exciting your day ahead looks like with all the diaper changes, and feedings, and a million other things that weren’t even on the list to start with. But you keep your focus tight. You become even more determined and disciplined every passing day that even superwoman gets inspired by you.

If you manage to get a decent amount of work done before kiddies wake up then you feel more energetic even before you had a chance to have your morning tea/coffee. Coz you know that no amount of tea/coffee is going to replace that lingering feeling of not feeling ‘enough’ for gazillion things that need to get done when there are only 24 hrs in a day.

Brushing your kid’s teeth could easily turn into a lifelong battle. Every little touch from kids at inappropriate times would bother you as you are still living in your workspace, and just being physically around your kids. You are about to yell and sometimes you do! But you know how that makes you feel. Even worse. Then on top of the work stress, you are going to end up over-analyzing everything and stress yourself even more for not being a good mom!

At this moment, dear working mom, I want to give you a hug. So tight that you forget about all that’s going in your head and can only think about how good that hug feels! That you are doing a heck of a job keeping your sanity while giving every piece of your being to make everybody else’s life better around you.

That no words can ever express how much your loving presence means to those around you. Your daily sweats, commitments, are not going unnoticed, and unappreciated. Even though you don’t hear much about your daily giving and sacrifices, just know that they are appreciated beyond words.

You are the glue that’s holding the family together.

That your kids are watching and observing you every single moment. For them, you are their life! They don’t love you any less just because you yelled at them once a year. That sometimes that yelling is the only thing that makes you feel human. So let go knowing that…

It’s okay to let it out every once in a while.

It’s okay to think for hours in a row about where in your life you are right now and where your life is going.

It’s okay to sometimes doubt yourself whether you will ever make it where you have been wanting to see yourself from ages.

But it’s also okay to feel the blessings of staying home with your little angels taking care of their tiniest needs and just watch them grow few inches every few months.

It’s okay to feel your heart filled with gratitude and your eyes with happy tears when on a nice sunny day, you are able to enjoy a simple walk around the house or maybe to park with your spouse and your precious little one!

It’s okay to cuddle with your mini-selves for extra 5 mins without having to worry about getting to work on time.

You, dear working mom, has embarked upon a journey that is unique and your own! Don’t know how you do it but you do it so damn well!

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