From Changing Diapers To Changed Perspective

Changing Diapers, Changed PerspectiveMotherhood has been one of my biggest blessings in life.

I always loved the idea of being a mom but was quite afraid of the whole process of actually become one until of course, it became a reality for me. Now I love it so much that I have created two mini- versions of myself with the third one on the way!

But it hasn’t been such an easy-peasy journey! More like a roller coaster ride. The one that you enjoy the most while your head is spinning in million different directions.

Life took on a whole new meaning for me after kids. Once a head-on career woman, I found myself in totally different space after my precious ones were born! Never ever I thought in my life, I would feel any different about my career.

That one year of maternity leave with my first one changed everything for me. Long commutes which had become a part of me for almost all my married life had suddenly started to bother me. I started finding myself always rushing and trying to be with my kids the very second I left work. The inner push that I always felt for going up the corporate ladder started to fizzle.  What came quite natural to me once now seemed alienated!

I found myself working very hard trying to connect both of my worlds.

Finally, the time came to actually do something about it. And so I did! I chose to give it my all to my family and resigned from my full-time job to raise my kids.

New Life With Kids

Life got extremely busy in changing diapers, feedings, and hardly any time to think or do anything else. But this thought of giving more started to pop up in my head every now and then. After some time, it started happening more often! I found myself missing the connection that ‘work’ gave me with myself and the world around me.

I loved being with my kids and family a lot but there was a void that was building up on how I felt about my self-worth. I wasn’t missing the work part so much. What I was really missing was the sense of belongingness and what I was giving back to the society. That I was contributing on a level that is bigger than just managing my household.

There was a strong feeling of incompleteness!

Acknowledging how I felt was the first step

But I quickly realized that the feeling’ alone won’t be enough to bring about the courage I need to find ways to give back in my own way. I needed to do some inner work. I actually was feeling quite empty since last few years for not being able to spend any quality time with myself, let alone with my family.

Getting To Know Me Better

That’s when I came across this program called ‘Thinking into Results’, which is geared towards finding your best self. To look within and seek for answers! In quest of finding peace in my restlessness, I decided to be a part of the program. The daily exercises and listening to Bob Proctor’s videos became part of my morning routine and slowly but surely it made me feel my own importance. That money is just a byproduct! I am such a powerful resource that is invaluable and there is nobody out there who was like me. I am unique and the world is waiting for me to share my gift with it.

As I gained that insight about myself, I stopped fueling my limiting beliefs and started gaining my confidence back in my ability to do something really meaningful with my time. Writing became a regular part of me to express my real thoughts and feelings and that made me feel free! I remember this quote from Bob Proctor that I really connected with:

Changing Diapers, Changed Perspective, Free“If I want to be free, I’ve gotta be me. Not the me I think you think I should be. Not the me I think my husband thinks I should I be. Not the me I think my kids think I should be. But if I want to be free, I’ve gotta be me. So I’d better know who me is.”

Now it was time to take action!

My thirst for giving back to the society just became stronger and that was what guided me to choose the path that I am on today. Writing my heart out and sharing my story with the rest of the world!

Things Started To Make Sense

It all started with me completely trusting the universe to give me direction. I knew I didn’t want to go back to 9 to 5 for sure so I started looking to do something from home. But the Internet is a pool of information Instead of feeling confident, I felt drowned in this information pool. So I decided to take one step at a time. Any breathing minute I could squeeze out of my day, I would go research on that one piece of information that had even slightly piqued my interest.

Attended countless webinars in the hopes of finding something that clicked with me and that I can see taking forward. In the process, I realized what I was really looking was a platform, a step by step system that I could learn and grow into. I wasn’t looking for quick fixes; I was in it for the long run! I was looking to do something meaningful with my time.

How It All Fell Into Place

During this figuring out phase, I kept coming across this video from ‘Stuart Ross’ from SFM a couple of times. I would watch the video, feel his genuineness in what he was offering, and ponder about it. But didn’t really do anything about it! A month or so into the research phase, one day I decided to go with the $29 application process to join SFM and see what it’s all about!

That day and today, I am still learning. I am still growing. The only difference is that I am actually implementing what I am learning as well and that’s huge! I have taken on to my love for writing in the form of blogging and it has really been life-changing. Even the thought of doing it on my own was nerve wracking and to be honest what was the probability of me starting a business without any help.

And it’s not just learning and growing part of it. It is a community of like-minded people all there to lift each other up and give as much support as possible.

It’s amazing how working on the inside can do wonders to our soul.

Yet we, humans, the most intellectual and intelligent species of all, always try to fix things outside of us whenever we encounter a challenging situation in our lives.

It’ still feels magical how it all worked out. I am now a stay at home working mom. I still spend more than half of my time with kids. Finding time for work while my kids are running around has been a challenge but I figured I work better with this challenge. And somehow when I am presented with challenges, my focus gets laser sharp to filter anything that’s not important and just concentrate on what’s important.

I am now contributing in my own way.

I feel important.

And I know it’s making a difference.

It’s mind blowing what a change in perspective can do for you!

From changing diapers to changed perspectives, that was my story of struggle, triumph, learning, and growing. Hope it inspired you in some way.  Know that you are not alone! You just have to reach out and look for your tribe and once you find your tribe, struggles don’t seem as daunting. You navigate and find your way to victory!!!

Changing Diapers, Changed Perspective

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