3 Easy Steps to Convert Your Overwhelm Into Enthusiasm

The word ‘Overwhelm’ has almost become our middle name these days.

We use this word so much in our daily conversations that no conversation seems to be complete without using the word. Every other post on social media seems to mention it. And yet there seems to be no decent solution for such a common and much talked about problem.

We can safely assume that we’d be able to bond with a person, just based on this one characteristic without even knowing them well. I mean that is the status of our minds these days. No matter what we do, whether we work for somebody else or ourselves, or we are a stay at home parent who decided to dedicate your life to raising our kids, we are all way too familiar with it.

More than we would actually like to be.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If there is a problem, then there is bound to be a solution for that. We just need to think about the solution with a different mindset than what created the problem.

It’s all a mind game!

Think about it this way, whatever we give our attention to is emphasized. If it’s a feeling of joy, we feel more joyful. If it’s a feeling of fear, we feel more petrified. Similarly, if we keep obsessing heavily on an emotion, it easily becomes overwhelming.

I am going to suggest a 3 part solution for this problem. It’s something that I have used with myself and it has worked wonders for me. Hope you are able to make sense of it and apply it in your life as well.

Acknowledge The Problem i.e. Overwhelm

Whenever we feel overwhelmed, we can hardly pinpoint the reason. All we can sense is stress. And 9 out of 10 times, we are not even able to recognize what we are stressing over! All we feel at the time is that things are not going as planned and our life seems to be out of control.

We find difficult to shut our brains off. It seems to be on ‘thinking’ marathon of sorts.

First things first! Immediately put brakes on your ‘thinking’ train.

Acknowledge and recognize the fact that IT is happening. You would be surprised to know how light it can make you feel instantly. Once you start running away from the problem and surrender you automatically choose to be in control.

Identify Where Your Focus Is i.e Source of Overwhelm

overwhelmNow take your trusty pen and a piece of paper and just do a brain dump!

Jot down, anything and everything that comes to mind. It doesn’t have to make sense at this point. If it did, we would not be doing this exercise in the first place. When you are starting to feel a bit lighter in your head, that’s when you know you are almost there!

Now loudly read over your list one by one. Reading loudly gives your worries a voice, and they feel heard. It’s a subtle but an important part of the process, so do not hesitate!

If the list is all over the place, start bringing stuff together under broad categories like work, personal, health etc. Notice if it makes any pattern. See which one is your biggest worry and if you have written that thing repeatedly. If yes, it very well might be the reason why your mind seems to be in a loop and you are not able to stop thinking about it.

That will determine where your focus is right now. And hopefully, you noticed that your focus is on that very thing that you don’t want in your life.

Recognizing this is half the battle won right there!

Congratulations, you have just identified the source of your worry.

Change Your Focus From Overwhelm to Enthusiasm

overwhelmNow that your mind has come out of ambiguity to a state of knowing what’s bothering you, you’d be able to think more clearly. Your mind won’t be running into million different directions but has found its focal point.

And finally, 3rd and the last step. Time to channel your focus on the solution!

Start by bringing your attention to what you WANT instead.

For example, in Step 2, you identified that you are not able to find time for work and it’s affecting your quality of life.

How about changing your focus on what would you like to accomplish instead? How would you feel when you accomplish your goal? What time of the day do you feel your best? Is it possible for you to maybe shuffle around some things and make time for work when you are feeling your best?

Changing focus is like two sides of the coin. You are talking about the same thing but from a different perspective. Both can be right at the same time. It all depends on which one you choose to focus on. Which perspective serves you well and take you forward in the direction that you are intending to go.

All this might not happen in one sitting and that’s okay. It takes practice and slowly you become comfortable with the whole process. More you practice turning your negatives into positives, the less ‘overwhelm‘ you are going to invite in your life.

When you keep your focus on what you WANT instead of what you don’t, you are always eager to find a solution. And that’s what turns your overwhelm into enthusiasm.

Would love to hear if you have tried any of these steps? What do you do for dealing with overwhelm that has worked well for you?

Please share in the comments below!

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