Being a mom can be both exciting and exhausting journey. Won’t you agree?

Nothing gives us more joy than being with our little people, looking after their tiniest needs, and watching them grow bit by bit. But if that’s the only thing we do all day every day then our sanity is challenged.

We need some kind of intervention, a creative outlet to explore and to help us feel like a normal human being. That’s why in this last decade or so, the online world has exploded and we are on this fun roller coaster ride that is fulfilling our different needs at different times.

The fun part of jumping on this online bandwagon is that you can make it whatever you want to. For some of us, personal life takes priority and for others, professional life is a big part of the puzzle. But for the majority of us mommies, it’s the balance between the both worlds where we feel most satisfied and fulfilled.

In today’s post, we will explore how the internet has become a tool for moms to maintain their work-life balance. To live happily while doing what we love to do on daily basis.

Working From Home

More and more women are choosing to give quality time to their families and raising their kids themselves. I myself am one of them. I know many of my mommy friends who have either scaled down from work or left work in order to be with their kids and families more. And trust me I understand, when I say it is one of the hardest decisions to make for us moms. It definitely was for me!

But thankfully we are not left high and dry when we have to make these hardcore decisions.

We have options!

We can choose the one that makes sense to us and are most comfortable with. We all have to start somewhere and once we gain an insight into how the system works, it’s up to us where we want to take it from there.

Let’s look at some of the most talked about things around the online world and how we can easily tap into this booming digital economy!


mom, bloggingSeems like we moms have dominated the blogging world!

It is one of my favorite things to do as well. It gives me an opportunity to express myself and share my passion, and expertise with the world. I find writing very therapeutic. When I start writing, my mind starts to feel light and I just feel relaxed.

No wonder, it’s a popular choice among moms. It gives us an excuse to escape from our chaotic world for a while which is filled with all things baby, with little to no adult interaction.

And the best thing is that you can make money while doing what you love to do. Yes, it can take some time to make your first $ online, but hey who’s in a hurry! We as moms, develop patience like nothing else. We know how to nurture, make connections, and grow our blog. That’s what we do best!

Being A Virtual Assistant/Social Media Manager

momAnother favorite of mine, and also quite popular these days is being a virtual assistant or social media manager.

If you are not inclined to create something of your own, this could be a great choice for you to consider.

Social media is big these days. There are a ton of successful businesses that have leveraged the power of the internet and are still growing. These people/businesses can’t possibly do everything on their own. They need help and that’s where a virtual assistant and social media manager can pitch in and shine!

It makes for a perfect work from home opportunity for stay at home moms.

Everything you do is in virtual space! In most cases, there is no requirement for you to step out of the house and worry about finding a babysitter for your kids. Yes, you need to be creative in finding time for doing these tasks. It might be before kids wake up, during their nap times, or after they go to sleep.

But if you are committed, punctual and know how to manage your time well then it could be a great fit for you. You get to stay home, raise your kids lovingly, and still be able to contribute financially. Something about the possibility of doing it all makes it so fascinating, don’t you agree!

Starting An Online Business

mom, online businessNow, this option is for fellow mompreneurs who love the idea of being in business or who always wanted to become an entrepreneur but life happened and it never materialized.

But starting an online business is not as daunting as it may sound at first. It’s comparatively a lot easier to setup than brick and mortar business and usually with less start up costs.

Do not let the thought of having no business experience plague you!

Take me for example. I came into this online world with no business background. I had only corporate banking experience. But that didn’t stop me from becoming a digital entrepreneur. I too was nervous in the beginning but once I started tapping into the learning process one step at a time, I started gaining confidence.

All with the amazing mentorship from SFM (Six figure Mentors). If you click on the link and provide your name and email address, you can also get access to free 7-day video series explaining in detail on how you can start your very own online business.

Now I have my website all up and running. I have a blog that I contribute to weekly. And I have taken this fondness for Pinterest, which I am planning to become a virtual assistant for in the coming months.

I have slowly but surely made my way to this online world and I am enjoying every bit of it. You can too! You just need to decide when.

The purpose of this post was to clear any doubts and to make you feel comfortable with the idea of leveraging the Internet so you can become financially independent again while being close to your family and kids and live a happy and fulfilled life.

I would love to hear from you about your journey so far in the comments below!


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